Power Protein for Runners

Power Protein for Runners

A runner has to make sure that he should not get an injury either while training or competing. An injury can hamper the chance of winning while competing or can even put a permanent hold on one's career as a professional runner. To stay away from injuries one should take care of themselves, proper training, the right amount of time should be given so that the muscles could relax including the most vital being the use of correct nutrition. Some runners have been doing the right training but lack the support of good quality nutrition. By consuming the correct supplement the body’s nutritional need is fulfilled, and the runner can perform well up to his calibre.

A professional marathon runner who runs a full marathon in 2hours 15 mins, depending upon the practice. When they train for such a run, the training schedule is very tough as they perform a lot of tempo & practice runs. In all these practice sessions one loses a lot of electrolytes and other valuable nutrients from the body. It is very important to maintain the equilibrium of the body so that they don't suffer any fatigue or muscle soreness. To combat all these issues, an athlete needs to consume the right amount of supplement. Consuming the same is not at all bad for the body in a nutshell: whatever essential nutrients you have lost in the training session, consumption of supplements will get all those back there by balancing the required nutrients in the body remains.

To make sure that the runner gets the right amount of supplement, Steadfast Nutrition has come up with Power Protein, a single sachet serving of 40 grams. It has a unique blend of slow & fast releasing proteins also has whey Protein Concentrate, Wheat Protein, Calcium Caseinate and Natural Cocoa Powder formulated to deliver a gradual release of amino acids for muscle recovery. For a runner the most important thing is muscle recovery, so keeping in mind the same this product has been formulated. Since it has 29.2 grams of fast and slow-release proteins that repair and recover muscles after an intense workout session, it is advised that this should be taken within 30 minutes of post-workout.

You can consume power protein anytime during the day, one can mix it with breakfast as a part of a smoothie, or can be consumed between your meals as a snacking option.                     

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