Benefits of Wheylo for Runners

Benefits of Wheylo for Runners

It is believed that human running evolved around four and a half million years ago when Australopithecus (Ape-like) early ancestors of humans started walking upright on two legs.

Early humans were more of endurance runners as they had to go on a hunt for long distances. As time passed, humans also started developing in various aspects with bows, arrows & spears came into the picture which enabled one to hunt by not following animals for long distances. So with time running for survival became more like a sport. Competitive running started in roman civilisation as it became very popular and was one of the best means to keep people entertained. 

The first Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC, which included running and wrestling as a few of the games introduced at that time. In this period, it was also important for people to train themselves and be fit. Wars were a common affair, so it became the need of the hour to stay fit at all times. But in today's time running can be broadly classified into two types: Marathons and Sprinting. Both are very different in nature, therefore the training pattern is also very different. But one thing is common in both that to accomplish the task one needs to train a lot and consume the right amount of energy.

So keeping in mind the requirement of endurance and sprinters, SN has come up with Whelyo. It comes in a single sachet serving of 30 grams. It has about 18.6 grams of whey protein, comes in coconut flavour, has powerful antioxidant and immunity booster. The coconut milk powder present in Wheylo doesn't only impart a delicious flavour to it but also provides the goodness of good fats present in coconut. Wheylo contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which are easily digestible medium-chain fatty acids. This ability acts as a boon for runners because MCTs are an instant energy source, they boost metabolism, promote fat burning and immune health.

By consuming Whelyo one can have increased muscle growth, as it has high-quality protein, which helps in the growth of lean muscle tissue. It also helps in maintaining the muscle mass of the body. Since it is rich in protein, it also keeps a watch on your hunger hormone, thereby helping in maintaining the overall weight of your body.

It is best for endurance athletes as they also require proteins. As protein breaks down while training, muscle repair needs to happen. Poor muscle health might affect athletic performance, so consumption of 1 or 2 sachets are recommended for athletes every day, which are into high levels of endurance sports.

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